About NIT

About NIT

Welcome to National Institute of Technology (NIT). I am very excited to have the honor of serving as Provost of this fine university, as we move into a new era with many new and innovative programs. We offer Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree that integrate your real life experiences with classroom learning to create an educational experience that is beyond compare. You will receive one on one attention and unparalleled support from both faculty and staff. As provost, I can promise you that if you are in need of assistance, it will only be a phone call away!

NIT prides itself in meeting the needs of all students at all levels. In addition to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s programs. NIT has a proud history of launching the careers of many students during the last 40 years. We have a dedicated staff and an outstanding faculty heralding from many fine universities from across the United States, Asia and Europe, who are here to mentor you and assist you in your educational endeavors. NIT takes pride in our commitment to serve each student individually.

As a member of the student body at NIT, you will not only have the opportunity to study under outstanding leaders and well-published professors; you will also have the unique opportunity of studying with other students from around the world.

At NIT, we take pride in both our diverse population and our diverse faculty who come from all parts of the world and all walks of life. When you decide to become part of our diverse and exceptional student body, you will be making a decision that will equip you with that necessary competitive career and academic edge that our students retain long after graduation and ultimately prepare you for the successful and exciting career you will be embarking upon when you graduate!